About Us

Sakisizwe Consultants is born out of a partnership between two companies, Kagga & Partners and Hitch Marketing. The company is a 100% Black owned multi-disciplinary consultancy services in Engineering and management as well as integrated marketing. Partnership between Kagga and Hitch was motivated by the intention to provide high quality service and excellence and also be able to offer our clients an opportunity to communicate from start to conclusion of projects to all stakeholders.  


The company has professionals suitably qualified and substantially experienced in providing project management related services including planning, designing, implementation, assurance, monitoring and evaluation. Our service offering is individually designed and accustomed to every client’s portfolio needs. Sakisizwe delivers services in three professional areas: Project Management, Cost Management and Quality Evaluation and validation (Assurance). Most of our members have over 15year of project experience in all stages, including concept, pre-feasibility, feasibility, design, implementation, through to commissioning. 


We are based in Johannesburg. We have worked with both government entities and private Clients, delivering Mega Projects which bridge industry divide as they were multi-disciplinary in nature. Our members have the perfect combination of experience that will fit any type of industry or Project. Further we will act as a catalyst in closing the gap between Clients and service providers by offering various specialized and customized consultancy services to our valued clients.


The company is an equal opportunity employer, committed to the development of historically disadvantaged persons to the highest level, in terms of professional training and equity in the company.

Company Vision

The company strives to establish itself as the preferred service provider for the provision of consulting services in Planning, Design, Procurement Construction & Project Management, Commissioning Training , Close out and Asset Management. The long term objective of the company is to grow into a resourceful consulting entity that offers all services within the built environment. However, it is the intention of the company to pick only the best available resources from our built environment industry. This approach is motivated by our objective to provide excellent service to our clients. Thus our objective is to thoroughly satisfy or exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of meeting the need for quality, time and keep within the allocated budget. We thus endeavour to constantly and consistently communicate with our clients to ensure that their requirements are being met at all times.

Company Culture

Every society has its own “cultural themes,” which have a substantial impact on how that culture does business. African cultural themes are rooted in folk belief and Confucian values, including hard work, commitment, loyalty, endurance, and trustworthiness. These values are deeply engrained in the African psyche. Sakisizwe Consultants seeks to draw on these cultural values in forging strength in the way we do business, engraining its work-force in a culture of Confucian value of endurance. This ensures a profound impact on our participation in our business processes.

Our Approach

Our strategy is centred on a core value of partnering, as this is the best way to not only provide a solution but to further personalize it to our clients, employees, their vision and core values. We aim to provide practical consultancy services to the African construction market and add real value, assist clients, governments and contractors to deliver their projects as effectively, with integrity, independence and professionalism. Sakisizwe Consulting aims to provide services which maintain honesty, impartiality, fairness and professionalism at the highest standard.

Our Ambition

Our ambition is to have a national footprint and a market share in the South African Economy, business community, Enterprise development framework and community development agenda. It necessitated that we found our company in strong Cultural Themes because it would ensure that our people feel at home while at work. We will strive for group dynamics; though reinforced by a strong focus on partnering, accountability, honesty, transparency, excellence, digital, real-time, systems and innovation; group dynamics will be our target culture which will significantly impact the business development process. We plan to thrive in collectivistic cultures, where decisions will be significantly influenced by the group, this drawing the core African culture (family, extended family, network of friends and colleagues, and the community at large).